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Show Your Love for York Art Association During Give Local York—Starting Today!

Updated: May 5, 2023

Show Your Love for York Art Association Today and Tomorrow During Give Local York! The giving starts at 9 pm today and goes on for 24 hours

Three Good Reasons to Love York Art Association and Donate:

We Inspire Creativity Why do children love to draw? Because the creative process is a joy no matter your age! York Art Association grows this joy of drawing by offering classes and workshops year-round taught by respected instructors in every style, medium, and skill level for children and adults. We support the growth of their ability in the visual arts no matter their age or experience. In 2022, we served over 500 students of all ages, your dollars could help pay for the next model in the figure drawing classes so they can learn as the old masters did instead of working with photographs.

We Make Our Community Culturally Rich When creative people gather to share ideas and inspiration at the York Art Association, it builds a strong cultural community. It also offers a way for those regional artists to put their work on display for the public to enjoy. Your donation enables the York Art Association to hold events all over York County so more people can enjoy a creative experience.

We Spend Every Dollar Wisely While York Art Association depends on your generous donations and grants, it has worked hard to remain fiscally responsible by raising funds internally. The organization charges low fees for membership, classes, exhibition entries, and art sales at prices artists can afford. Your gift may be used to purchase art supplies for local children because many of our classes and camps for that age group offer free supplies.


Consider supporting us with a donation to continue offering this joy to the community, to keep bringing people together to share their talents with the public, and to keep this community vibrant!


To donate during Give Local York, go to and type York Art Association into the search box. If you cannot donate during the Give Local York event, please visit our website,, and click “Donate” on the right side of the page to contribute directly.


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