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For over 100 years, the York Art Association has been developed, nurtured and carried on by generous and devoted volunteers and stewards of the community in which we reside. Over the decades, we've prospered because we share a common mission: to bring the Visual Arts to our community.

For tax purposes, we are classified as a non-profit organization. We rely on local community support in the forms of sponsorships, partnerships, memberships and class revenue to be able to accomplish our goals. If you would like to support us with a monetary gift, please continue to our giving page.


Here at YAA, it takes a lot to make this special place run smoothly. If you have a talent or skill or even some extra time on your hands, we'd love to hear from you.

Our all volunteer Board of Directors is often looking for those who wish to serve on the Board or to support a committee. Other areas of support include: gallery sitting, office support, hospitality, intake/hanging, buildings and grounds and more. For more information, contact us for our current needs.


At this time, we currently do not have the physical space to accept "art related" supplies or book donations. Please consider donating elsewhere in our community. Thank you.

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