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Membership Dues....NEWS!

Dear Members,

As part of our fiscal responsibility, the YAA Board of Directors periodically reviews our membership dues and membership levels. We compare our dues to like regional organizations and also look at when dues were last raised. Considering those issues and other budgetary issues, the Board of Directors has voted to raise the cost of an Individual Membership to YAA from $40.00 per year to $50.00 per year, beginning July 1, 2022.

We will also be reviewing our other membership levels and will announce those changes as the Board of Directors makes them. For those members who renew their memberships via a PAYPAL subscription, current subscriptions will be raised to $50/year for an Individual Membership for accounts renewing after June 30th. If you would prefer to cancel your subscription at the new rate but have not had a chance to cancel, we will be offering refunds (from automatic transfers) as a courtesy through August 31, 2022. As a PayPal subscriber, don't forget that you have the ability to cancel your subscription with YAA, through your own PayPal account. We hope that you won't though!

YAA is always looking for ways to enhance our memberships. We are excited to announce a new benefit that has been added to our membership program. YAA has secured a discount with NACA (North American Collectibles Association). Members of NACA enjoy benefits such as discounts on shipping and insurance through businesses: ShipandInsure and FedEX. There will be more to come on this new asset, but for now, click on the links to learn more.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Board President, Phyllis Disher Fredericks at



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