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CONTENT UPDATED! Award Recipients Announced!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Thanks to all who came to our live opening reception October 31 for the biggest exhibit of the year. Over 100 art lovers came to enjoy looking at fabulous selections in our juried event and conversing with fellow visitors. We have 106 pieces of art from regional artists ranging from tapestry to sculpture, mixed media, photography, oil/acrylic paintings for you to come view and enjoy now through December 19. Most pieces are for sale if you are interested in an original piece of art for gift giving. The exhibit is truly remarkable and worth your time to see.

The competition was steep as only 40% of over 260 entries were accepted into our region wide event. Congratulations to our winners! Here is a list of awards and their recipients along with comments made by our esteemed juror Dr. Martha Lucy of the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

Award Recipients are as follows: (juror's comments are in blue.)

Best of Show

Larry Lombardo for “Remembrance”

"The rendering of the skin is so impressive—the delicacy of the paint handling and the subtle use of bluish-purple tones, especially around the eyelids and lips. There is something about the figure’s expression that is very human and relatable. I love the way the oldness of the face, and its lived-in quality, contrasts with the newness (and the disposability) of the cup she’s holding."

50th Anniversary Award

Jeannine Dabb for "Untitled" "I kept being pulled back to this snowy landscape. It’s a work that makes you want to get up close and look carefully at every inch, because there is so much going on technically. I especially love the scratchy, squiggly lines that seem to hover on top, articulating things like tree branches, grasses, and fence posts. Those lines have a haunting, nervous energy that animates everything. The occasional use of gold is lovely and unexpected."

Awards of Excellence

Patricia L Caulfield for "Untethered Imagination" "I was very drawn to this painting because of its compelling formal contradictions. Blocks of white create a scaffolding that anchors the whole composition; but this central geometry is then interrupted by slashes of blue and brown paint, and by frenetic black scratches moving in different directions, as if to scribble out the underlying structure. It is like order and chaos at the same time."

Laurie E Brooks for "What Goes Around" "This work is beautifully designed, and there is a wonderful tension between hard geometric forms and more organic ones. Shapes like the grid and circle evoke science and order, while undulating, sinewy forms suggest the uncontrollability of nature. A cluster of tiny globules near the bottom seems to hint at the disintegration of the whole; this is also suggested by the drip at the lower edge of the large circle."

Claire Stoner for "Untitled" "There is something arresting about this portrait. Maybe it’s the way the woman stares out at the viewer, a little confrontationally, against a stark white background. Maybe it’s the elegant simplicity of the composition, with that sharp triangle cutting the shape of her body. I think the lines making up the contours of her face and body are beautiful; and I love the subtle modulation of color to articulate dimension in the head and hair."

Eva Gorski for “Shipwrecked”

"This work is so visually compelling. I was immediately drawn to the way the areas of color seem to crash so gently against each other, like waves, especially where that fiery red meets the deep blue. The network of neuron-like forms running throughout is endlessly fun to look at. I love the twists and turns of that network, and the way it holds the whole composition together."

Adrienne Brenner for "Meandering" "I like the biomorphic shape of this sculpture, and the smoothness of the material. It invokes the sense of touch. I like the way there is no one correct angle from which to view it—the piece wants you to walk around and look from all sides. The object seems designed to capture shadows in its concave areas, which I think is brilliant."

If you haven't had a chance to come see the show, we hope you'll join us during Gallery Hours: Weekday's 10am-3pm

and Sunday's from 2-4pm

(last admittance is 30 mins prior to closing.)



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