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Announcing the Annual Spring Members' Exhibition

Our annual spring members' exhibition is opening with a public, free reception on Sunday April 28th from 2-4pm. Awards for professional and non-professional categories will be announced at 2:30pm.

The Spring Members' Exhibition showcases our members' art. There is no theme and works of any accepted genre and medium are welcome.

SUSAN J GOTTLIEB will serve as our judge.

 Susan is a painter, traveler, and long time teacher. Her artwork is infused with tales of international travel, and celebrates Life and all the beautiful facets of color and light she experiences on her explorations.


Recognizing what we see on the surface is actually a collage of time and stories; her paintings reflect this with layers of multiple media and colors.


Susan holds an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and a BS in Art Education from Millersville Universtiy. She has instructed art history and studio arts for forty years mostly in secondary schools. She also taught university honors courses and supervised art teachers, additionally Susan had a brief and thrilling stint at the elementary level. Public and private schools, all levels, she loved it all.

Her most recent teaching adventure was as a Founder of the Stone Independent School in Lancaster PA. No longer on daily faculty she continues to be the Dean of Joy.  STONE is a Project Based Learning school where, like her own life, students learn by creating.


Susan has lived and studied in Rome, Italy and has traveled the world for her own studies. Additionally, she often gathers travelers to join her for Italian excursions. Feel free to contact her for more information on her artwork.

Running concurrently in the Sally Little Danyo Gallery will be Ray Edmison.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a BA in Fine Art, Ray began a career as a drafter –back when pencil, ink, paper, and linen were the tools. By retirement, he had moved on to software development and training for Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Since giving up his day job, Ray has enjoyed the exploration of numerous media and techniques for creating art. The influence of engineering linework is often very obvious in his work as he experiments with texture and color. Ray also creates lap quilts for Hospice and is a formidable knitter – more ways to play with color and texture.

"What’s the point of limitations?" -Ray Edmison



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