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Announcing ONLINE Registration for YAA Exhibits!

You ask and we listen!

After the very brisk and enthusiastic response to our Spring Member’s Exhibition requiring us to turn many away at the door, we are going to offer online pre-registration for YAA exhibits as an option, starting with “Figuratively Speaking” scheduled for July 24 - August 28, 2022.

Online registration will serve many purposes.

We hope it will:

  1. Guarantee a spot in an exhibit for those who pre-register. This is especially important for those living a distance away from the gallery or work later in the day. Pre-registration will enable you to feel confident you will have a spot in the exhibit if you arrive with your works during the designated intake hours.

  2. Streamline the intake process and reduce time waiting in long lines.

  3. Remove the anxiety of getting to the gallery in time before the exhibit fills.

We are working very hard to make this as easy and intuitive as possible. Please bear with us as we work out the kinks!

Some salient points for this option:

  1. Online pre-registration is an OPTION for now.

  2. Once the call to art occurs each exhibit will have a link published on our blog, Friday Update emails and our website to click on leading you to the pre-registration page. Preregistration will open approximately 4 weeks prior to the day of art intake and close 24 hours before it begins. Please read the full description to insure your works will be accepted into the exhibit. The description will serve as the prospectus and guidelines are available for download on the website.

  3. Simply follow the registration fields as they are displayed. If the exhibit allows more than one piece per participant and you are only entering one work, you will still need to fill in fields pertaining to a second piece. (Type “N/A” in the fields for the title, medium, price of the second piece as instructed on the registration form fields. You will still only be charged intake fees for one piece.) Please pre-register using a desktop computer if possible.

  4. There is no requirement to upload images of your work except for the Open Juried Exhibition for which we use the ARTCALL website.

  5. Those who pre-register will still need to physically bring their work(s) to the gallery (with intake tags at the designated intake times. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your intake fee and spot in the exhibit. If you are unable to bring your piece(s) in during the intake hours, call the office IN ADVANCE and make arrangements to bring your work in the following day. Keep in mind you can have an associate bring your work in for you. We cannot accept work earlier than the designated intake hours.

  6. Pre-registered participants will only need to have their works briefly inspected and checked with our pre-registered spread sheet list at intake. The need for contracts and payment of intake fees will be fulfilled online when you pre-register.

  7. If you pre-register, you MUST pay for your intake fee at the time of pre-registration via a credit card to guarantee your place. Sorry, there are no refunds and payment is due to complete the transaction.

  8. If you need to change the piece you pre-registered for entry, call the office before intake day.

  9. If you pre-register for one piece and later want to enter an additional piece, you may enter a single second one-piece if openings are still available online, OR you may bring it with you on intake day. It will be processed as a walk in if there is still room in the exhibit.

  10. Some spots (at least 25% of total intake) will be reserved for walk-ins. Any spots left over from the online registration will be added to those available for walk-ins. Walk-ins will need to go through the process for intake as with previous exhibits.

The PRE-REGISTRATION EVENT(S) can be found in Wild Apricot under "GALLERY EXHIBITIONS & SPECIAL EVENTS." Remember, the event will say "registration is closed" until it opens on JUNE 1ST.

Again, this is a process we think will be a service to our artists! We encourage you to take this opportunity to make participating in our exhibits more friendly and less harried!



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