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York Art Association Receives Notice Its Building Will Be Taken By Eminent Domain

Classes will continue uninterrupted as search for a building begins

YORK, March 15, 2023—The York Art Association, an organization that has served the community since 1905, just received formal notice from PennDot that its building in East York will be taken by the state as part of the plan to expand the I-83 Market Street interchange. An immediate search for an alternative site is now underway.

“We knew for quite some time our building could be impacted but it’s become very real with the arrival of the formal notice from PennDot,” said YAA’s Executive Director Roth Preap. “Our Board will not allow the seizure of our building to negatively impact our organization’s future, instead we view it as an opportunity to expand our offerings in a larger space, although that will require significant fundraising.”

York Art Association’s Board prefers to find a building to purchase or rent on the city’s East side but is open to any location that allows it to best serve its members and the public. As the process moves forward, all classes, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and other events will go on as planned. We are committed to providing high-quality services to our community for years to come.

“We’ve been told an estimated value on our property will be offered by the state around the end of this year and we will continue discussions with PennDot into 2024,” added Preap. “This month, engineers from the state explained their construction schedule allows us to remain in this building until the end of 2025 if we find it necessary. I ask our members and the York community to support us throughout this time because we will be bigger and better in the long run.”

York Art Association was established in 1905. The nonprofit’s mission is to encourage and develop an interest in the visual arts, and to provide opportunities for education through classroom instruction, workshops, lectures, and publications. It also strives to support interaction within the community and to provide a venue for members and non-members to exhibit their work in a gallery setting.



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