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Announcing the Annual Spring Members' Exhibition

Opening Reception from 2pm-4pm with awards announced at 2:30pm.


Spring has sprung and our members have come out in full force to fill this exhibition with works of all genres. There are 2 categories of artists for entry, professional and non-professional which are defined below.

What defines an artist as PROFESSIONAL? YAA defines them by the following criteria:

1. Artists who regularly sell and exhibit their work must compete within the Professional category, regardless of the awards they have won.

2. Artists who have won any award in three exhibitions (honorable mention does not count) must enter the professional category for those exhibitions with such designations.

3. Artists who provide classroom instruction in the fine arts must enter in the professional category.

4. New members who do not meet any of the above criteria for the professional designation may choose the category in which they would like to exhibit. If their status changes to meet any of these criteria they must use the Professional designation.

AWARDS: First, second and third for each category: professional and nonprofessional.

First Place: $200

Second Place: $150

Third Place: $100

Overall Best of Show: $300

Doris Cohen Memorial Pastel Award: $100

Susan Mall Watercolor Award: $100

Total awards offered $1400!

OUR JUROR: Pennsylvania artist Julie Riker graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She is primarily a plein air painter who has won several national and regional awards. Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine has pu

blished her work and she has been profiled in Plein Air Magazine. She has juried several art exhibitions in the area.

Showing concurrently in the Sally Little Danyo Members Sales Gallery will be Kathryn Reis.

Stop by and meet this amazing artist during our Spring Exhibition Opening! Her journey is shared by many of us, and her success speaks for itself!



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