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A Special Reception for Works On Paper Exhibition

YAA's opening our 2023 gallery season with Works On Paper, art created on various papers; yupo, watercolor, pastel, sketch or other paper supports.

A Special Opening Reception

The opening reception will be held on January 22nd from 2-4pm with awards at 3pm. We hope that you'll join us for the exhibition of regional art and also help us welcome our newest edition to our association, Roth Preap, now serving as our Executive Director. See more about Roth and the executive director position HERE.

As we welcome the new, we also say farewell to our long time board member, Kristan T. Winand, who has served YAA faithfully in an executive capacity since 2016! Her leadership and reliability has been a major asset to YAA over the past 7 years. She initiated the idea of creating an Executive Director position for YAA, so it is special to see Roth begin his journey with YAA as she moves on from the business of the Board of Directors. Kristan is getting back to her passions with two businesses, jewelry appraising (Owl Valley Appraisals) and design (Kristan T Winand Designs). We wish her all the best as she moves forward with her endeavors!

Please plan to attend as we celebrate art and those who give of their time and talents to oversee the organization we love.

About Our Juror

Fred Haag was raised in Pennsylvania and attended the University of the Arts (then Philadelphia College of Art) in Philadelphia, where he earned a BFA in Painting and Drawing, in 1986 an MFA in Painting and Drawing at the Pennsylvania State University. Since 1987, he has taught a variety of art classes at Penn State York including Art Appreciation, Drawing, Design, and Painting.

His paintings and drawings are tied to my immediate surroundings and personal experiences, using subjects and shapes that are derived from direct observation, from memories, and from miscellaneous paraphernalia as a departure point. He is currently working on a series of interior still life paintings.

In the past half-dozen years, his work has been exhibited in eight International, National, and

Regional exhibits and in 2016, Susquehanna Art Museum (SAM) hosted a one-person exhibit, Ten years of painting by Fred Haag, showcasing seventeen paintings. More recently, one painting, “Treasures Shed & Found” 2019, was accepted into, "that Dang, Mod, Durn art!”, the Western National Juried Exhibition at Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary in August 2020. In addition to solo and juried exhibits, his work has been in over twenty invitational exhibitions in the area.



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