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Gallery Reopening for weekend visitors.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that YAA is returning to weekend hours for our gallery. Our galleries will be open to the public, beginning June 20th from 2-4pm and will hold these hours when an exhibit is on display.

If you would like to spend a little time with the ART in the gallery on a Sunday afternoon, consider volunteering to be a Gallery Sitter. It is a great way to contribute and an easy commitment at only 2 hours.

Currently we are looking to fill time slots for: In Response to Nature Sunday, August 15th 2-4pm Sunday, August 22nd 2-4pm Sunday, August 29th 2-4pm Sunday, August 29th 4-4:30pm (Pickups - Gallery Committee)
Annual Fall Members' Exhibition Sunday, October 3rd 2-4pm Sunday, October 17th 2-4pm Sunday, October 17th 4-4:30pm (Pickups - Gallery Committee)
50th Annual Open Juried Exhibition Sunday, November 7th 2-4pm Sunday, November 14th 2-4pm Sunday, November 21st 2-4pm Sunday, November 28th 2-4pm Sunday, December 5th 2-4pm Sunday, December 12th 2-4pm Sunday, December 19th 2-4pm Sunday, December 19th 4-4:30pm (Pickups - Gallery Committee)

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mary at: or call 717-755-0028, with the date(s) you are interested in.

Thank You!



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