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Announcing the Opening of Musical Impressions of Color Exhibition

Updated: Mar 1

Music and Art come together in this special exhibition opening March 10th.

The public is invited to a free opening reception to celebrate a special themed exhibition, “Musical Impressions of Color."  Music has been a source of inspiration for many famous artists including Kandinsky and Van Gogh. It is thought that Van Gogh could not learn to play an instrument due to the distractions of colors and images that would swirl around in his head while hearing a piece of music. Kandinsky was thought to have a condition call synesthesia, which allowed him to see red as a violin, a trumpet as yellow, or blue as the sound of an organ.  This exhibition will explore artists perception of music through color and its unique influence upon their work.  

In the Sally Little Danyo Gallery will an exhibit featuring, member, Susan Davitti Darling.

Our opening reception will take place from 2 to 4 PM on Sunday, March 10th. An Instrumentalist will be part of the entertainment along with light snacks and beverages. Awards chosen by instrumentalist and visual artist, Christopher Bohn, will be announced at 2:30 PM. We hope to see you there!

Christopher Bohn is an artist and musician. He works mainly in figurative drawing and painting, and he is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Chris attended Tyler School of Art as a painting and drawing student, where he discovered his love for portraiture and landscape. Chris also spent 10 years of his life as a professional musician, performing his own music as a singer-songwriter in the band Moon Palace. He loves teaching, as well, and he has gotten to teach both music and art workshops over the years. 



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