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Here’s the “nutshell” version of what you need to know:

As insurance agents and artists ourselves, knows a little something about artists’ needs. We are also a locally based business, with key people living in York County and our physical office located right up the road in Lancaster, PA!

We recognize that (whether you’re a seasoned and well-known artist or a newcomer to the business of selling your art) business expenses can be rather oppressive.

The thought of selling your work online and the added shipping expenses can seem out of your reach. Yet, doing so broadens the exposure to potential customers and can become a steady source of income.

Perhaps you are established as a professional artist and need to protect your work going to and coming from exhibits and/or shows.

Either way, the need to protect your work in transit is essential as your heart, soul, time and money has gone into each and every unique piece you’ve created.

No worries. We know it needs to be easy and affordable. We have a solution providing both. is a member benefit of the North American Collectibles Association (NACA). You may have known of our partnership with the YAA but haven’t investigated how we add value to your YAA membership.

We are happy to have partnered with the YAA as a local community support offering a special $45 NACA annual membership rate - that is but 1/3 of the regular rate - exclusively for current YAA members. All YAA members that join the NACA at this exclusive rate will remain at this rate as long as they remain NACA members!

When you sign up for, you are also joining the NACA. That means you not only have access to our low rate, no deductible shipping insurance, you also receive access to the NACA exclusive FedEx Discount Program (50% off express shipping, 25% off ground and 80% off domestic freight!) as well as access to inventory insurance and vetted packing material resources, insider information and more!


Yes, we’re aware that everyone says they can save you money. But we’re not everyone. Please see the following real-life examples:


You are shipping a parcel shipment of a painting worth $10,000 from the East Coast to the West Coast via 2-day shipping.

Cost at the carrier: $56.38 shipping (no insurance offered & declaring a value is NOT insurance)

Cost as an NACA member: $28.19 shipping + $26.00 insurance = $54.19, fully covered, no deductible


You are shipping a freight shipment of a handcrafted, dining table valued at $5,000 from East Coast to West Coast, calculated at 10 linear feet and weighing 75lbs:

Cost at the carrier: $1,192 shipping for a 6-12 day arrival (with a maximum liability of $2.00 per lb – which means $150 max payment if damaged or lost)

Cost as an NACA member: $240 shipping + $67.50 insurance = $317.50, fully covered, no deductible


From the sample carrier’s own list of excluded items (all carriers have them):

“Artwork, including any work created or developed by the application of skill, taste or creative talent for sale, display or collection. This includes, but is not limited to, items (and their parts) such as paintings, drawings, vases, tapestries, limited-edition prints, fine art, statuary, sculpture and collector’s items.”

Which may mean if you file a claim with your chosen carrier (using our example above), this claim won’t even be paid at the $2.00 per lb and may be denied based on your item being on the exclusion list!

We hope this has been informational for you. We would love to answer any further questions you may have now that you understand the difference we can make in your profit margins, your sense of security and your peace of mind.

We encourage you to visit our website for more information! We are very transparent and have all rates, limits, shipping instructions and more available for everyone:

Or, call our office to speak with real people from within your local community who care about your successes. We love to help! Call: (717) 393-5317



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