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Annual Fall Members' Exhibition - Call for Art

Ahhhh, autumn in the northeast is a time for the earth to wind down and take a rest. It's also a time of colorful landscapes featuring golden hues and cooling temperatures. Say hello to football and other fall sports, the resumption of school classes as well as the other activities we associate with this time of year!

For artists in YAA, it is time for our Fall Member's Exhibition which will run from September 11 to October 16! Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third in both the professional and nonprofessional category. In addition, the Susan Mall Watercolor Award, the Robert Buchannan Watercolor Award and Best of Show will also be chosen. Brenton Good, professor of art at Messiah University will be our judge.

PROFESSIONAL VS. NON-PROFESSIONAL: Artists are considered professional if they meet any ONE of the following criteria:

1. Artists who regularly sell and exhibit their work

2. Artists who have won any award in three exhibitions (honorable mention does not count)

3. Artists who provide classroom instruction in the fine arts

4. New members who do not meet any of the above criteria for the professional designation may choose the category in which they would like to exhibit. If their status changes to meet any of these criteria they must use the Professional designation.

Participation in this event has always been rigorous, and we are again affording members the opportunity to pre-register for the intake of art!


Members may enter up to 2 pieces of work. Please note that the stated number of slots available for preregistration indicates the number of artists, not art works. This number may change as people register for only one piece. Slots for 15 artists, or up to 30 pieces will be reserved for walk-ins on the day of intake (artwork entries left over from online registration will be added to the number reserved for walk-ins). Walk-ins will be processed in the same manner as previous exhibits. All artists need to hand deliver their pieces on September 1st from 2-6pm. Up to a total of 100 pieces will be accepted. Other delivery times on September 2 can be arranged by calling the office for an appointment.

The opening reception will be free and open to the public on Sunday, September 11 from 2pm-4 pm.

Pick up of unsold art will be Sunday, October 16 from 4-4:30pm and Monday October 17 and Tuesday October 18 from 10am-2:30pm. We cannot store art and our insurance only covers the work until the end of pick up time. If you are unable to pick up your art on pick up days, please have an associate retrieve your pieces for you during these designated times.



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