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The Piano Are Here! | YAA's Plein Air Piano Project

Painted Pianos Are Installed for the Public to Play in Downtown York York Art Association to bring both music and art to the streets!

Any pianist from beginner to grandmaster can now tickle the ivories at various locations in Downtown York. The York Art Association found five unwanted pianos and gave them a new life by having them creatively painted and installing them on the street for the public to play. (Due to rain and delays with our shelters, some of our pianos are subject to swelling may not be playable at this time. We hope this is a short term set back and that the pianos will be well protected for the duration of the summer for all to enjoy!)

The locations where the pianos are installed are listed below:

  • Continental Square, 1 E. Market Street, York (two pianos at this location)

  • Outside Aviano’s Corner Trattoria, 101 S. Duke Street, York

  • Penn Market, 380 W Market St, York, PA 17401

  • Harmony Café 46 W. Philadelphia Street, York (this is the one to be painted by the public)

Four local artists were commissioned to paint the pianos. Learn more about the artists here:

York Art Association’s Plein Air Piano Project was made possible by the generosity of the following sponsors and donors -- Royal Square Development/Parliament Art Organization, The Appell Center for the Performing Arts, UPMC, Explore York, Cultural Alliance, Re-Source York, and the Grotto.


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