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Instructors' Invitational Exhibition and Panel Discussion Announced

We have a special event in store for our members and YAA community for our summer exhibition! We hope you will join us!

Ever feel a bit intimidated to take a class or workshop? Are you unsure if a certain class is right for you? Come to the opening reception August 6 from 2pm to 4pm for our instructors’ invitational exhibit and meet some of our prestigious teachers! You will see their artwork displayed in our Nancy Woodward gallery and may also participate in a panel discussion where you will find out more about the instructor’s teaching style, experience, the type of art they themselves create and more!

The Q and A session begins around 2:30 and will be informal so you can feel free to get answers to any questions you may have about our educational program!

This exhibit will be on display from August 6 through September 1oth. It is free to the general public. Gallery Hours are Mon-Fri 10-3pm and Sunday 2-4pm. Last admittance is 30 min. prior to close.


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