Click on the years below to go to the exhibits album page listing the exhibitions by date and title; just click on the album you wish to view, then click on a thumbnail to view the image in a “lightbox.” You can view “next” and “previous” images by clicking on the arrow button that appears in the middle right and middle  left areas of the “lightbox” view. Award recipient listings and/or other information appear below the thumbnail grid of images so be sure to scroll down the page.





If you have been an award recipient in one of our exhibitions and have a website, but an “Artist Website” link does not appear as the last line of the “lightbox” description of your image, email with the following information:

  • The complete URL (web address) of your website (e.g., – you may copy and paste this from the address bar when you have your website open). Please, no Facebook or other social media URLs unless they link to fully public albums of your work.
  • The exhibition year and number (e.g., 2012-7) where the link needs to be added.
  • Your name and the title of the artwork.
  • If the original artwork has sold, please let us know; we will replace the price with “sold” in the description. Prices appear as they were listed at the time of the exhibition.